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Specialist for Audio-Amplifiers

VW Dynaudio amplifier defect?

Repair at a fixed price with 2 years warranty *

In Passat 3C and other Volkswagen models problems with the sound system can occur.

Symptom 1: Current is too high. The device pulls about 300mA despite a silent can bus, and thus discharges the battery. The system works acoustically without restriction.
Repair at a fixed price of 142,80€ *

Symptom 2: Complete failure. All speakers are without function.
Repair at a fixed price of 190,40€ *

Symptom 3: Temporal complete failure with loud noises, predominantly at low temperatures.
Repair at a fixed price of 190,40€ *

The cause of failure is usually the DSP audio amplifier and not the RNS510.

Affected part numbers:

VW Passat:

  • 3AA035456A
  • 3AA035456B
  • 3AA035456C

  • 3C0035456E
  • 3C0035456H
  • 3C0035456J
  • 3C0035456L

  • 3C8035456C
  • 3C8035456E
  • 3C8035456G


  • 1Q0035456E
  • 1Q0035456F

VW Golf 6: 

  • 5K7035456
  • 5K7035456A

VW Tiguan:

  • 5N0035466A

VW Touareg:

  • 7L6035466C

VW T5:

  • 7E0035466A
  • 7E0035466C
  • 7E0035466D
  • 7L0035466B

System: AMP600  LEAR

Another part number with a black heat sink installed? -->Dynaudio SW

Here you can find photos from the installing location

Repair time currently 2-4 working days (plus lead time)

If you are interested in a repair, please contact us via the form , then send the device together with the completed order form to the address indicated in the imprint.

The fixed repair price refers to a device that has not yet been opened and is thus in an original state.
Unsuccessful previous repair attempts usually result in more effort and thus in additional costs.

Problems with the woofers

* All prices are excluding shipping costs.

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