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Specialist for Audio-Amplifiers

Repair Offers

Performance measurement of car Hi-Fi amplifiers since 2008

last measurement: Kenwood KAC-923

The increasing complexity of performance data makes it more and more difficult for the customer to recognize whether this is the real capacity output that actually arrives at the loudspeaker. Especially for low-budget amplifiers, dubious performance results are presented in order to boost the sale of products from Far East. Such deceivers are distributed almost exclusively through the Internet in large auction houses, where in many cases no staff with expertise can be found. There are numerous threads in Hi-Fi forums where performances and quality characteristics of power amplifiers are discussed, however, without reaching a clear conclusion. Different, usually not precisely defined measuring methods, frequently lead to comparing "apples with oranges". This page will provide clarity when it comes to the evaluation of power amplifiers.

Performance measurement results under exactly the same measurement conditions create the basis for comparability of power amplifiers. We plan to implement additional sound-influencing characteristics of amplifiers in the future. This includes the dampening factor which is frequently considered important, or others like amplitude response. We highly encourage critics and suggestions for further improvement.

Repairing power amplifiers

  • Inspection  
  •  Overhaul
  • Performance determination

We are definitely the right address if your audio amplifier does not work properly or if you are interested in an inspection or repair!

Whether: analog, digital, with DSP, CAN or fibre optic-based - here in the house routine.

Rely on 15 years of know-how, combined with professional and efficient equipment.

Whether a repair will pay off or prove to be uneconomical, will be determined beforehand by remote diagnosis. For this purpose, feel free to add a brief description of the error or a photo depicting the inner parts of the device.

For so-called OEM amplifiers please refer to the fixed price list for repair offers.

Repair Offers

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Elektronikservice Tobias Gomille

Inh. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Tobias Gomille
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You may use our contact form for initial contact. I will get back to you within a few hours.