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Specialist for Audio-Amplifiers

Porsche Bose amplifier defect?

Repair at a fixed price of 238€ with 2 years warranty *

In the Porsche models 996, 997 and in Cayenne used audio amplifiers from ASK, Becker and Bose, depending on the equipment variant.

By the Bose System the following problems can occur:

Possible symptoms for the Porsche 996:

Complete failure. The error message appears in the PCM: "System error: amplifier, telephone not available."

The subwoofer is without function. The remaining speakers are working properly. 

No sound after conversion to the PCCM plus.

Affected part numbers:


  • 99664533203
  • 99664533302
  • 99664533303
  • 99664533304
  • 99664533305
  • 99664533307
  • 7L5035456B
  • 7L5035456C
  • 7L5035456D
  • 7L5035456F
  • 7L5035456G

  • 996.645.332.03
  • 996.645.333.02
  • 996.645.333.03
  • 996.645.333.04
  • 996.645.333.05
  • 996.645.333.07
  • 7L5.035.456B
  • 7L5.035.456C
  • 7L5.035.456D
  • 7L5.035.456F
  • 7L5.035.456G

AMP 4166 MOST 99664525501 

Possible symptoms for the Porsche 997:

Complete failure, combined with loud noise.

Short noise shortly after activating the sound system.

  • 99764533422
  • 99764533433
  • 997.645.334.22
  • 997.645.334.33

Price after checking here on site. According to experience, 238€ - €357€.

Repair time currently 2-4 working days (plus lead time)

If you are interested in a repair, please contact us via the form , then send the device together with the completed order form to the address indicated in the imprint.

The fixed repair price refers to a device that has not yet been opened and is thus in an original state.
Unsuccessful previous repair attempts usually result in more effort and thus in additional costs.

* All prices are excluding shipping costs.

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