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Specialist for Audio-Amplifiers

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Especially with this device you will find in some forums information, that here the exchange of the three input-side capacitors would remedy.

For the electronic layman that may sound quite plausible, as the data sheet always specifies a limited life span, which can range from a few thousand operating hours depending on the load and ambient temperature.

However, with proper sizing and appropriate temperatures, electrolytic capacitors can live well over 30 years without showing any signs of failure.

It should be said at this point that replacing the capacitors in this amplifier does not solve the problem.

On the contrary, often additional problems arise here.
In this device, we find a multilayer board that represents relatively high demands on the soldering equipment and its handling in the professional replacement of components in through-hole mounting.

There is basically nothing against the exchange of these Elkos.
However, own experiences of submitted devices show that often the plated-through holes are damaged and thus in some cases also connections to inner copper layers are lost.
But here rel. high currents can flow, a perfect contact is particularly important.

The following photos show the result of such unsuccessful and completely unnecessary interventions.

Who should play with the idea of first giving the device into the hands of a friend, who then starts with the hardware store soldering iron, puts the repair capability of his amplifier on the game.